Grading Guide


Based on customer Feedback and our own staff experience with over 20 years knowledge of the golf ball industry we now sell golf balls online in 3 grades.

By offering golf balls in a Pearl A mix it means we can pass substantial savings to the customer, all in all these packs offer superb value and will allow you to save a few quid extra for the most important hole on the course , the 19th !. However, if you prefer a ball in a new condition our Pearl packs cater for that need. Likewise, if you lose a few and do not mind a scuff or two our A grade are an ideal selection.


Has the appearance of a new golf ball with no marks, will be shiny in appearance, note some balls may have a logo or ink spot. Ideal for the serious golfer.

Pearl-A Mixed Packs

These balls will consist of golf balls like new and golf balls with minor marking, small surface scratches. Every golf ball placed in these packs could be played in competition golf. The A grade golf balls will look how a new ball looks after 6-9 holes. Please note that based on experience of handling 30-40,000 balls a week all these packs will have at least 50% Pearl, that % goes higher on balls with harder covers that do not scuff as easy as tour calibre balls. Harder balls will have over 75% Pearl in most packs.

A Grade Balls

These packs will contain golf balls that have a scuff mark. Once you play 9-12 holes with a new ball it will start to show signs of abuse. These balls are ideal for golfers who lose a few balls or anyone looking for friendly game summer night balls.